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Understanding the Business Impacts of Paid Family and Medical Leave: A New Resource for U.S. Business Leaders

One of the biggest upfront barriers to the broad adoption of paid family and medical leave (PFML) is cost. And, while the benefits of PFML are often cited in relation to improving the security and health of workers and contribution to the economy, its impact on the bottom lines of businesses is often overlooked.

Join Panorama, an action tank working to further paid leave adoption in the private sector, for an online discussion and Q&A with the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), and Emily Hall Warren, director of administration at W.S. Badger Company on how, and why, the returns from paid family and medical leave vary across companies. The conversation will center around Panorama’s newest resource for U.S. business leaders, “Understanding the Business Impacts of Paid Family and Medical Leave.”

Based on publicly available data outlining investments and returns, Panorama created the report, and a framework, to help companies understand the impact of their paid family and medical leave policies. This is a starting point from which companies can better understand, evaluate, and measure the impacts of their policies to make strategic decisions for both their workforce and bottom line. The full report will be published in mid-September.